Commercial Garage Door Installation Services

At Amana, we ensure you receive only the best commercial garage door installation and replacement services that accommodate your operational needs.

We specialise in providing various commercial garage door installation solutions for businesses to streamline daily activity, provide heavy-duty protection, and ensure steady, reliable operations.

Our doors are customised to meet:

  • Temperature requirements
  • Frequent shipping needs
  • Deliver long-term security and convenience
  • Improve your facility’s energy efficiency 
  • Minimise operational costs.

Choose Your Style

At Amana, we want you to stand out with great-looking, highly functional commercial garage doors. Whether you want to replace an old garage door or install a new one, let us help you pick the most suitable design for your commercial buildings.

We have commercial garage doors in different designs and functionality to suit all budgets with guaranteed performance.

What you can find at Amana:

  • Overhead garage doors
  • Energy series
  • Industrial series
  • Roll-up sheet garage doors
  • Counter doors and shutters
  • Security grills and shutters
  • Commercial sectional aluminium garage doors
  • Specialty products and service doors

Steel Doors Sectional

Amarr Polystyrene 3 Layers Heavy

  • Two tough steel skins surround 2 inches of CPC-free polystyrene insulation
  • A thermal break to provide the best R-value of 9.4 in sectional door insulation.
  • Energy efficient with a strong monolithic panel.
  • 24-gauge exterior and 27-gauge interior steel bonds.

Amarr Polyurethane High R-Value Heavy

  • Polyurethane foam free of Ozone depleting Chlorofluorocarbons to deliver maximum insulation.
  • Energy-efficient and economical.
  • R-value is 15.1.
  • Shiplap profile design.

Amarr Polystyrene 3 Layers Medium

  • Eco-friendly commercial garage with solid steel construction.
  • CFC-free polystyrene insulation with R-value of 9.4.
  • Thermal break to retain heat and cold from transporting through the door.
  • Ideal for budget-sensitive commercial door projects.

Amarr Single Layer 2000 Gauge

  • A mix of extra heavy-duty strength and versatility.
  • Deep ribbed 20-gauge steel sections.
  • CFC-free polystyrene insulation with nylon or steel backer.
  • R-value is 7.0.
  • Rapidly installs and saves 20 minutes of installation time.

Amarr Single Layer 2500 Guage

  • Available uninsulated or CFC-free polystyreneinsulated with a vinyl backer.
  • Insulation/ R-value is 7.0.
  • Commercial warehouse and dock door.
  • Saves 20 minutes installation time.

Amarr Single Layer 2400 Gauge

  • Deep ribbed 24-gauge sectional steel sections that can be factory of field modified.
  • Available non-insulated, insulated, or insulated with a steel backer of R-value 7.0.
  • CFC-free polystyrene insulation.
  • Easily installed with a slight vertical lift.

Aluminum Doors Sectional

Amarr Aluminum Light Duty 3500

  • Constructed of 2” thick extruded aluminum rails and stiles.
  • Can be fitted with solid aluminum panels or single pane glass.
  • The clear view aluminum strut system to offer a clear view and maximum natural light.
  • Perfect for automotive showrooms, service stations, firehouses, and restaurants.

Amarr Aluminum Heavy Duty 3550

  • Eco-friendly sturdyaluminum sectional garage door formed with 2″ thick expelled aluminum rails and stiles.
  • It can be fitted with thick aluminum panels or single pane glass.
  • Excellent for service stations, repair centers, car washes, restaurants, and fire houses.
  • Can be mounted stationary or operative.

Clopay Aluminum Architectural

  • It’s a perfect option for architectural applications that demand open visibility, a clear view, and a contemporary, industrial design.
  • It can be used as a standard garage door, an interior “partition,” or as a patio door.

Rolling Steel Doors

Amarr Rolling Steel 4000 Heavy Duty

  • Renders superior security to commercial buildings.
  • A sturdy solution for industrial opening with a rolling steel demand.
  • Available in three standard colors and four steel gauges.

Amarr Rolling Steel 4100 Heavy Duty

  • The 4100 series provide maximum R-value of 8.0.
  • Full perimeter weather-stripping and ideal for applications where climate control is a fundamental factor.
  • Available with a flame spread and a smoke-developed index.

Amarr 4300 Grille Heavy Duty

  • Rolling grilles in the 4300 series offer shared HVAC loads at Malls, shopping centers, and airports while providing security, visibility, and airflow.
  • Offers a clear look and tough enough to deliver premium protection.
  • Manufactured to combine ease of installation and use with open air security

Clopay Rolling Steel

  • Clopay rolling steel is used as a service door, fire-rated, or smoke-rated door.
  • It’s made with prefinished galvanized steel in gauges from 24 to 18, stainless, or aluminum.
  • Features slat profiles and colors.
  • Available in standard heavy duty and industrial heavy duty.

Clopay Grill Steel

  • Open-air model grilles offer security, adequate visual access, and air circulation by blocking pilferage through openings.
  • Side-folding grilles are accessible in open air and full closure models and feature numerous styles, colors, and patterns.
  • It can be installed in shopping malls, schools, garages, institutional, industrial, and retail projects.

Clopay Rolling Counter Shutters

  • Clopay counter shutters are an absolute choice for cafeterias, pharmacies, cashiers, parts, and tool storage areas.
  • Offer protection from the flame spread or smoke penetration.
  • Available in standard counter door/shutter and fire rated counter door/shutter.

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