Garage Door Repair Services In the GTA

Little things count. When you ignore the little problems, sometimes they add up and end up becoming a much bigger problem. Do not overlook the regular maintenance of your garage door. Always address problems early on to control as much damage as possible.

Allow our team of skilled technicians to fix your problem. It is safer and effective to do so. Our team is trained to meet your problem with a solution. They have the best and the latest tools, decades of experience and a drive to serve.

Call us for affordable and quick repairs.

We can handle all your garage door problems, including (but not limited to):

  • Lift cable issues
  • Garage door opener repair
  • Spring repair
  • Roller replacement
  • Fire door inspection
  • Drop test
  • Yearly tune-up and maintenance
  • Weather seals replacement
  • Bent track, rusted track or misalignment
  • Torsion spring replacement and repair
  • Preventive maintenance

We also provide 24/7 emergency garage door repair services in the GTA with free garage door repair estimates for residential and commercial garage doors.

Residential Repair Service

Garage door repairs require appropriate tools, knowledge and understanding of the way the machine works, or else it could prove to be a risky business. Our team is skilled and ever ready to tackle any of your repairs or installations. Please call us at any time of the day and allow us to serve you.

Commercial Repair Service

Most business owners are pulled in multiple directions concurrently, every day, and often they neglect the small issues that arise in the commercial garage doors. If you don’t address the minor problems on time, these may undermine the structural integrity of the entire garage door system and cause irreparable damage.

A regular inspection and early maintenance are excellent ways to save yourself from hefty investments. Little things count.

We have garnered years of hard work and can fix any kind of commercial garage door damage. Contact us and get permanent solutions to your commercial garage door issues at the best rates.

Garage Door Parts/Openers

Let us repair your garage door opener so it can continue to work properly as per its design, even during power outages. We also offer a collection of garage door openers, all of which come with warranty.